Saturday, 18 September 2010


An early start at the reed bed at Watermead found me struggeling to put up nets with increasingly cold hands. My target was to catch 7 more Reed Warblers and reach 100 for the summer. By the end of the morning I had only 3 more Reed Warblers and this left me on 97, tantalisingly close to my goal. However, I was not disheartened, because on the first net round I had at last trapped a Cetti,s Warbler.

This species is increasing in the county, no doubt thanks to the management of areas such as Watermead country park. I was confident that I had identified the species correctly and the 10 tail feathers was confirmation of this. The under tail coverts are brown and fringed white, as can be seen in the photo.

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  1. Nice one Andy,hopefully you will find Aquatic Warbler or Bluethroat next in the reedbed!