Sunday, 17 January 2016

Siberian Chiffchaff

The last net round of the day at the sewerage works produced three 'Chiffchaffs' . These were the second, third and fourth of the afternoon and although the first two were typical olive/yellow and dull nominate collybita, the third was so pale and silvery it looked like a totally different species. A bit like the last few holes at The Open when the light is failing and the commentators say 'you can't tell from the TV but it's almost dark'; well, by the time I came to the pale Chiff it was, so forgive this underwhelming image taken without flash, to avoid false bleaching, but it doesn't capture just how dark it had got.

Monday, 11 January 2016

First outing of the year

With a window of opportunity for us to finally get out for our first session of 2016, Sunday was the day. Starting mid-afternoon with cold, dry conditions and a moderate breeze we ventured into the wood for some roost ringing. The feeders had been replenished a few days earlier, the usual tit species keeping us busy while we waited for darkness to fall.
Our last but one net round produced a nice Jay for our trainee Chris; but disappointingly the last round of the day didn't contain  the expected Blackbirds or Redwing, just 4 Chaffinch ended the day. Where had they all gone for the night?
Totals:-  14 new and 21 retraps, Blue Tit 6 (5),  Great Tit 2 (7), Coal Tit (6), Robin (1) Goldcrest 1 (1), Jay 1, Nuthatch (1), Chaffinch 4.