Friday, 5 August 2011

Warblers, warblers everywhere!

With just one 18m and a few single panel mist nets in scrub by Wigston sewerage works we ringed 70 birds in just 3 hours this morning. Most were Whitethroat with a secondry supporting cast of Blackcap, Willow/Chiff and the odd Lesser Whitethroat (above). The conditions were perfect, overcast and still following overnight drizzle. With more time and more nets we would easily have cleared 100 birds in the same time. We'll try that in the week ahead.

Last weekend we did a session at Watermead adding to the Reed Warbler totals. The reed bed was (unsurprisingly) silent. The clear impression was that the local breeders have just got on with it and many have already dispersed.

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