Saturday, 17 March 2012

Box Check

Just a quick check yesterday (Fri) (well not that quick as it took 2 hrs) of a few large boxes on the Nature Reserve found 2 boxes occupied by Tawny Owls, one contained 2 eggs and the other contained 3. Both these boxes have only been in place for a couple of years so I'm pleased with the result and nest record cards have been written up for them. Unfortunatley the other boxes were either empty or had had squirrels in them.
A few Meadow Pipits were seen and a Merlin dashing low across the field.

1 comment:

  1. Some nice Tawny owl action going on in your area, albeit some squirrel action too!. If you want to try and deter the local squirrels from taking over your boxes try adding some bedding from a domesticated ferret box. It works wonders for detering the squiurels but doesn't put off the owls.....sorry for the spelling, its late and i' ve had some beer!!!!