Monday, 30 September 2013

Fair Isle.

 The Obs. A great place to stay.
 I had never seen Heligoland traps worked before. This one is located in a Geo.
 Inside the heligoland, like fern gully! A good place for tired birds to find shelter.
 The Plantation where a Yellow browed Warbler was caught.
 Twite were common.
 A Red Backed Shrike frequented the garden, no doubt feasting on tired migrants.
 One of the many YB Warblers, easily the most common warbler seen.
 The Garden, probably the largest area of scrub on the island. Viewable from the obs, a great place to sit and watch as many rarities turn up here. Two days after we left a Whites thrush was on the hill. No, I am not bitter, just don't mention it!!

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