Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Limeys at Cropston.

Thanks to the efforts of Jim Graham and Steve Lister we have so far recorded five returning adults that were colour ringed in 2014. These are U01, U08, U23, U26 and U36. Steve also managed to read two metal rings of birds we rung in 2013, before we started colour ringing.
We have also recorded eight of this years juveniles, which are codes U70, U71, U73, U74, U80,U82, U84, and U86.
It would be great to receive records from other sites, so please check for Lime colour rings on any Common Terns.
Observations to Andy Smith at


  1. Also metal ringed birds from Notts, Beds, London and Sussex dating back to 2001.

  2. Nice one Andy, that's a fairly good recovery rate. We've had three green colour-ringed Common Terns at Stanford this year but all were ringed at Brandon Marsh.

  3. Thanks for that Adam. It has been very much down to 2 enthusiastic observers at Cropston Res. Since this last entry we have also had a returning 2015 bird , which is unusual.