Saturday, 28 November 2009

First cold weather at the Lodge

Anticipating the first cold weather at Charnwood Lodge we set a small number of nets in the Rhododendrons and waited for dark to descend. In just a few minutes we were catching finches and thrushes including 23 Chaffinch and 2 Redwing. One of the Redwings had an engorged tick near the base of its bill (above & inset). We don't generally risk trying to remove individual ticks trusting that they will quickly drop off anyway. We also caught several Blackbirds including two apparent continental birds. The old ringers used to call them 'stockamsels'. I can't remember why, anyone know?


  1. Neil, 'Stockamsel' was first used by German ringers back in the days of yor (1820's). Amsel being the German name for Blackbird. There is quite a bit of discussion as to where the Stock bit came from but looks likely to be from 'stockung' which means interruption, cessation or standstill. This refers to the apparent appearance of the plumage as being retarded in development. Some males looking remarkably like females.

  2. Thanks NJ. It's such an evocative word. I ringed an absolute beauty at Theddlethorpe Lincs last month but it's great to get them on the home patch.