Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Whoosh net Christened!

First winter Black Headed Gull. Rung as a pullus at Lommel in Belgium in May 2010.
Happy ringer having been successful with his Christmas present.
The trapping site.

Most people get socks or a new jumper for Christmas, I got a Whoosh net. I was at last able to try it out at the weekend and my first and only capture was the colour ringed Black Headed gull that has been frequenting Thornton and my garden since November. I had already contacted the Belgium ringers responsible for ringing this gull and they were very grateful for the data. I am however new to ringing gulls and I failed to measure the length of the bill and head, which would have enabled me to possibly sex it. With ringing there is always more to learn!


  1. Well done Andy, the noble art of the whooshing.

  2. Hello from Inverness, where did you get the whoosh net kit? Thinking of getting one myself.

    Regards Dave Slater

  3. Got the whoosh net from Pete Reid. petereid@googlemail.com

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