Sunday, 13 February 2011

Red Billed Blackbird

With a respite in the weather Saturday saw us back up the woods. A nice sunny dry day. With the feeders well stocked we were kept quite busy, although it was mainly 'tits' a Treecreeper and Lesser Redpoll were welcome additions. One of the retrap Blue Tits was ringed as a nestling in 2008 and this was the first time it had been retrapped since then. Also one of the retrapped Great Tits was ringed by me last year, but in my garden this is 2.5 km away, it's not often we see any movement between these sites. It was interesting to note that the new Blackbird had a red bill rather than a yellow one, (sorry no pics). All the birds were in good health and carrying various amounts of fat. We had 41 new and 17 retraps. Retraps in ( )
Robin 1 (1)
Blackbird 1 (1 )
Goldcrest 1 ( 1)
Long T Tit (1)
Marsh Tit (1)
Coal Tit 1 (2 )
Blue Tit 17 (3 )
Great Tit 10 (5)
Nuthatch (1 )
Treecreeper 1
Chaffinch 7 (1 )
Lesser Redpoll 1
Bullfinch 1

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