Monday, 19 January 2015

Winter Blackcap.

 My first ringing session of 2015 at Thornton today resulted in 15 birds caught of 10 species.
Top bird was this first winter male Blackcap. It had been feeding on Himalayan honeysuckle, which is an excellent shrub for attracting this species. Ringing recoveries have shown that many of our over wintering Blackcap come from central Europe and especially Southern Germany. I hope this bird is recaptured in the future so we can find out where it decides to breed.


  1. Hi, Greetings: If a tree that draws attention to the blackcap is Aligustre of Japan (Ligustrum japonicum) if you have opportunity to plant some trees of this species are very glad in the future. All blackcap that thrive in kilometers, will come to your garden with ease.

    1. Thanks for your advice. The Latin name for Himalayan honeysuckle is Lycesteria formosa