Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Nervous nineties

The team assembled at the treatment works 'scrub' this morning based on my optimistic but hopeful promise of a 100 bird session.

Just like a batsman entering the nervous nineties we got to the final net round about 11:30. One had about 10 birds but the others had precisely .... none. The umpires decision? 'out' LBW (Little Brown Warbler) but we made 92.

The remarkable thing about this site in July and August is that the vast majority of birds are post breeding migrants, It's hard to know quite where they all come from as a number of species ringed in the last 3 weeks certainly do not breed on site and today's total included a number of cases in point. This juv Yellowhammer was actually a site tick.

Other non residents included Garden Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat. The 'scrub' is however Whitethroat central and we have ringed large numbers of this years birds including a very creditable 25 today.

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