Monday, 11 January 2016

First outing of the year

With a window of opportunity for us to finally get out for our first session of 2016, Sunday was the day. Starting mid-afternoon with cold, dry conditions and a moderate breeze we ventured into the wood for some roost ringing. The feeders had been replenished a few days earlier, the usual tit species keeping us busy while we waited for darkness to fall.
Our last but one net round produced a nice Jay for our trainee Chris; but disappointingly the last round of the day didn't contain  the expected Blackbirds or Redwing, just 4 Chaffinch ended the day. Where had they all gone for the night?
Totals:-  14 new and 21 retraps, Blue Tit 6 (5),  Great Tit 2 (7), Coal Tit (6), Robin (1) Goldcrest 1 (1), Jay 1, Nuthatch (1), Chaffinch 4.

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