Monday, 3 October 2011

Meadow Pipits at Charnwood Lodge.

Nigel and Chris have been having some success catching Meadow pipits as they pass through.

They are not easy to age as the greater coverts show considerable variation. Adults should have one generation of feathers at this time of year.

This bottom photo shows the right hand bird with little variation in the G.C. which are buff , while the left hand bird has paler G.C. Is the left hand bird a first year and the right, an adult?

We chickened out and 2 it!

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  1. As well as the greater coverts, tertials and tail, I find it is often helpful to look at the primary coverts and the wear (and shape) of the primaries, neither of which I can see well enough in your bottom right-hand bird. might help.

    Good luck!
    David Norman
    Merseyside Ringing Group