Monday, 10 October 2011

More Redpolls.

A pleasing net full of Lesser Redpoll at Thornton.

A total of 27 were caught bringing the autumn total to 39 so far. All were Lessers and most were young birds, with only four adults caught.

A smart adult male with a photo of its rounded tail below. Adult birds also have fresher primaries than juveniles.


  1. Hi Andy
    that's great stuff. I've just got back from Shetland and unlike last year when there were Redpoll everywhere (albeit virtually all 'Mealies')they were really scarce so I'm amazed you have so many already in the season, well done.

  2. Are you using a recording to bring them in?

  3. Andy let us know if you get an Arctic Redpoll in your net! ;-)